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Welcome to the official homepage of the finest in New Orleans hip-hop. The N.O.vators consists of Quotable, The Senate, and Allen Poe.

Monday, February 21st 2005

  • On February 10th, 2005, we lost a good friend, artist, and irreplaceable part of our team.

    Darren "D. Anthony" Branch (aka Rhymesees) passed away, after fighting cancer for the past couple years. He's finally at a place of rest, free from the medicine, frequent trips to the hospital, and operations. As you may know, he was surprisingly able to complete his solo album, Chemotherapy, while recovering from one of his blood transfusions.

    The funeral was last Friday, and I've been trying to find the words to explain just how moving it was. It was a beautiful service. Friends, family, and a variety of different artists he's worked with throughout his career, all showed up to pay their respects. Aside from the moving words, poetry, and eulogy, there was a portion where excerpts from his album were played throughout the church. Everyone from children to the elderly were bobbing their heads to his production, moved by his lyrics.

    It hit me so hard, realizing how much great music he would have gone on to make, and how we'll never be able to collaborate again. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. His story was the most inspirational I've been personally touched by.


  • J. Blitz' solo mixtape, Suckapunch, has just hit the streets of New Orleans. We're trying to get enough copies to make it available online. Look for that shortly.

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Saturday, October 9th 2004

  • Senate member and producer D. Anthony (aka Rhymesees) is back in the hospital, but has completed his debut album, Chemotherapy. His inspirational story has been featured in the Times Picayune, and his album chronicles his life, struggles with cancer, and triumph through music. Chemotherapy will be in stores soon, and available on

  • 0-T's classic "Fast Foward" is featured on the new DJ Hyphen mixtape, Beats, Rhymes, and Life Vol.2.

    Quotable, DonJuan Fontaine, and a new J. Blitz exclusive will be featured on a new compilation, T Nasty Presents: Fuck the Cause.

  • DonJuan Fontaine's Microphone Matrimony LP and Spit at Will EP are now available for download. We want to thank everyone who supported these releases by purchasing them last year.

  • Quotable is currently wrapping up III Kings, and J. Blitz' solo mixtape. Be on the lookout for both.

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Monday, April 26th 2004

  • Earlier this year, ?uestlove of The Roots had a contest for underground talent. There's a new album called Okayplayer Presents True Notes Vol.1, and two spots were open for new artists. Although Quotable didn't make the cut, their song "Bout Time" placed in the top 10 finalists, out of 5,000 submitted songs. For more, view the April 23rd update, on the front page of

  • Senate member and producer D. Anthony will be in recovery for the next six months, due to a bone marrow transplant operation. Keep him in your prayers and wishes.

    Before his operation, he recorded a flurry of new material. We'll put some on the site soon.

  • Our mixtape, Crescent City Classic Vol.1 was listedin the Top 5 albums of 2003, in the Washington Sun.

    If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to cop it.

  • All recent technical issues involving the site should be resolved now. "" now points to "" and everything is running smoothly.

Thanks to everyone who's been supporting our music and performances.


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